Sexual Minority Clients, My Reflections And Plans Of Actions Essay

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The purpose of this article is to summarize a chapter I read about sexual minority clients, my reflections and plans of actions. Christian counselors counsel sexual minority clients and will encounter several ethical conflicts while working with these clients. The main focus is concentrated on treatments of clients trying to figure out their identity and same-sex attractions. It is emphasized that professional 's need to become competent in several aspects while counseling sexual minority clients. Some the areas listed are multiculturalism and counseling approaches and value conflicts. After reading the chapter, I became educated on several conflicts of sexual minority clients. I also came to a wowing self-realization of what I thought I knew and needed to know. I realized I have several areas that in the need to research when dealing with sexual minority clients. Some examples are multicultural competent, counseling approaches and valued conflicts. I also list some the plans of action that came up with. I will research and complete the tool The Sexual Counselor Competency Scale. I will also do some research on disclosure and informed consent.

In the chapter, The Sexual Minority Client, Dr. Randolph K. Sanders, and three other contributors bring about several contentions of Christian counselors working with sexual minority clients. The chapter mainly concentrates on treatments for individuals struggling with homosexuality, figuring out their sexual
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