Sexual Misconduct Policies Or Completely Changed It?

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Over the years, different universities across the country has either modified their sexual misconduct policies or completely changed it. Most universities have a consent policy. “Consent is an agreement between people to permit an act or behavior.”(Health 1) Depending if the consent was an action or verbal, plays apart if the sexual act was rape. All universities sexual misconduct policy should be comprised of words and actions and have a “yes” means “yes” policy. In the play “Tape” , the two characters, Jon and Amy argue over the fact if Jon actually raped Amy. Amy is in denial and doesn’t believe Jon raped her. Amy thinks of it as consensual sex. Amy says to Jon, “ Because if no one’s accusing you of anything, then there’s no reason to confess.”(“Tape” 42) This type of situation falls into gray rape. Gray rape is when sex between your partner falls unsure of who wanted what. There is also a matter of confusion and denial in which who gave their consent.(Chan 1) In “Tape”, Jon didn’t think he raped Amy in the beginning until his friend, Vince taped his confession. No one know’s for sure if there was a rape. Stranger rape is when you don’t know who your assailant is. Acquaintance rape is when you do know your assailant.(Sampson 3) The risk of having either rape is more at risk at a college campus. Rutgers University, located in New Jersey, has a sexual misconduct policy different than other universities. Their sexual assault policy includes any touching of intimate
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