Sexual Narratives of Straight Women by Nicole LaMarre

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Sexual Narratives of “Straight Women” By Nicole LaMarre: This is quite an interesting article to someone like me who considered herself to be a lesbian woman and who has had several encounters with these “straight” women. The author’s main point in this article is the vast continuum in which women’s sexuality resides, but also the ways in which these women define what classifies one someone who is homosexual. Most conformed to binary categories heterosexual-homosexual, while one refused to conform to one or the other while also being uncomfortable with the bisexual label. A majority of these women also placed an emphasis on the physical act of sex with another woman to be the definitive action that would classify them as a lesbian. Since none of them had “gone all the way,” then two of the three women stated that they considered themselves heterosexual while the one, as mentioned above, refused to conform to a label. The author used the research that was gathered from the interviews she held with several women as well as several other studies regarding heterosexuality and what she labels as heteroflexibility, a label that is significantly less stigmatized than the bisexual label. I do completely agree with the author’s points and really enjoyed the way she discussed this heteroflexibility. I believe that human sexuality is on a continuum and though some women might experience same sex attraction, it does not make them homosexual. However, I have never understood why

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