Sexual Objectification Of Music Videos And How Adolescents Are Affected Essay

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Sexual Objectification in Music Videos and How Adolescents Are Affected
Lauren Faron, Aynsley Fishel, Nisha Patel, & Menelik Solomon
The Ohio State University

Music videos are easily accessible to everyone, especially adolescents. From its earliest origins on TV to recent upgrades to technology on the internet, such as YouTube, anyone can watch music videos at any time of the day. Online music video sites draw an average of 150 million people each month who view more than two billion videos per day (Mischner, Schie, Wigboldus, Baaren, & Engels, 2013). Sexually objectifying music videos have increased in the last couple of decades. With this, more adolescents are being influenced by viewing these videos and mostly all of them are affected in some way, either positive or negative. What a lot of people do not know is what is happening to adolescents after viewing these types of music videos and how it can lead to concerning effects later in development.
Literature Review
Adolescence is a crucial time in the lives of young boys and girls, especially when it comes to viewing music videos. A survey showing that 78% of girls 12-19-years-old watch MTV regularly, making them the most frequent viewers at around 6.4 hours a week (Bell, Lawton, & Dittmar, 2007). This is important because it brings into light the idea of girls watching these sexually objectifying videos and how they experience body dissatisfaction. Body dissatisfaction is a…
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