Sexual Objectification and the Effects on Women Essay

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Sexual Objectification of Women and the Effect on Women
Everywhere you turn, there are magazine covers, movies, reality TV shows that portray woman in a sexual light. When was the last time that we as a society sat down and realized the effect that this is having on young girls, teens and even grown women. The portrayal of women as sexual objects in these and many other types of media have greatly affected the mindset of society. What affects has this had you ask? There are there main effects that we will explore. First, is the effect it has on their self-image. Second, is the effect on how they portray themselves in their relationships. Third is the effect it has on their mental state. The effect on a woman’s self-image is one of the
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These objectification trends are on the rise and are creating a low self-image for our young children. This will continue to spiral downward as they mature into grown women. Once these young children reach their teen years and even into early adulthood, this objectification brings on a second effect. Their ability to form natural relationships is dwindling. Take for instance the show Rock of Love or The Bachelor. Women on these shows compete amongst each other for one man’s affection. The actions of these women go much further than a regular conversation and first date. You see these women get naked, make-out with each other, even sleep with these men all in the hopes that for one more week they are able to stay in the house, just to turn around next week and do it all over again. What is this teaching our children? Well for one it is teaching them that this type of behavior is acceptable. This acceptable behavior has attributed to higher teen pregnancy, multiple sex partners and now the new craze – sexting. In a SPARK Summit video, Yanique Richards a high school student feels that these types of shows are directly targeted towards her and her peers. She states that “these shows are shown when I directly get home from school and I don’t want to do homework and I am sitting in front
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