Sexual Orientation And Race Domestic Violence

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Jaslyn Faz Mrs. Fields English 1101 TR 9:10 21 October 2014 Domestic Violence October is known for many things such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the beginning of fall. The end of October is known for Halloween where children dress up in costumes and knock on doors to receive candy. What many people do not know is that October is also known for being an awareness month for domestic violence. Domestic violence can be categorized into physical, emotional, and psychological violence against not only women but also men. Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any age and gender starting from babies and ending to elderlies in homes they are sent to live in. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation and race domestic violence can occur to anyone who are in relationships. Domestic violence not only affects those who are the victims but also to the people who are close to them such as neighbors, children, family members, co- workers, and people who have an insight on the situation. It is important for the victim to address the problem with someone who can help. Although the abuser can promise to change and get better, the victim must remove himself or herself from the situation to reduce risks of long-term affects. Domestic violence is usually associated with physical touching such as assault. A survey, conducted in Malawi in 2004, reported that 18% of women have experienced physical violence in the past year. One third of women stated they were in a controlling
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