Sexual Orientation And The Workplace

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

Nelson Mandela once stated, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Every human being should have the same opportunities as each other, no matter their skin color, background, sexual orientation, career, religion, gender, or socioeconomic status. We were all given the same human rights when we were born in the U.S., but it seems as if that is gradually taken away from us, as we begin to stop fitting into the picture society has made for us. Many LGBT+ workers are denied their human rights when opening up about themselves in a workplace. Sexual Orientation effects people’s stance in the workplace as a result, those whose sexual orientation do not fit the societal norms have unequal; benefits or opportunities, wages, treatment, and lack from non-discrimination protections.
Discrimination in the workplace occurs all over the world for many different reasons, yet sexual orientation is one of the least discussed topics. According to Emir Ozeren, “In the workforce, LGBT+ employees are one of the least examined minority groups, even though they are one of the largest groups of people in the workplace”.(“Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Workplace: A systematic”). Many studies have been made about this topic one of them being a General Social Survey conducted by The Williams Institute that found, “42% of LGBT+ identified people in the nation have experienced sexual orientation discrimination in…
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