Sexual Orientation Based Hate Crimes

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In 2013, nearly 200 reported cases of sexual orientation-based hate crimes were reported in Canada; of those crimes, 66% involved violence (Watson, 2015). Scott Jones, a young homosexual man was the victim of one of these attacks. The brutal attack rendered him paralyzed. Through the support of family and friends, he was able to collaborate with them to create “Don’t be afraid” in an effort to draw awareness to LBGT violence and help promote acceptance (Jones, 2015). He is able to provide insight through his experiences in the healthcare system such as the roles and collaboration used in his care, as well as being inspirational. Jones could vividly recall the collective support and motivation that was accompanied in his recovery by the entirety of his team (Jones, 2015). This presents the role of nursing, as well as the roles of the other health care professionals, is very collaborative and team oriented, as they were never addressed individually. This presentation of their roles was somewhat consistent with my pre-existent idea of what roles they play. An example would be in terms of emotional availability, by acknowledging Jones’ concerns. (Jones, 2015). However, I had never considered the role of nursing, or the other professions as being so largely team oriented or being in direct contact on a daily basis. "An atmosphere of mutual respect and civility is necessary to provide safe and effective care" (Burgess. C & Curry. M, 2014 page 1-2). The quotation, in my opinion,
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