Sexual Orientation Diversity Management At Small And Large Organizations

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Caitlin Alexander, LaKeisha Givens, David Lindke, William Miller, Raymond Rodriguez, Shawna Silva and Jason Streger
Liberty University

A Case for Sexual Orientation Diversity Management in Small and Large Organizations

I. Introduction
A. “Approximately 9 million Americans identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). With alternate sexual orientation. Managers and employees are becoming more tolerant and there is a growing respect for individuals with non-traditional sexual orientation” (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2014, p. 3-4d).
B. Organizations must build strong, creative, talent based workforce that represents the consumer base through diversity which includes the diversity of sexual orientation while providing the same care and consideration for freedom of religion expression.
C. Diversity inclusion may outweigh the opposition by religious conservative groups, because organization’s performance and commitment to creating a climate of inclusion, allows the organization to run efficiently.
II. Organizations must encourage authentic tolerance in the workplace regarding freed of religious expression and sexual orientation.
A. Religiously conservative groups, boycotts, influence shareholders, and file claiming religious discrimination in relation to diversity initiatives that include sexual orientation violate the religious.
1. “Another issue concerns religious expression. In the last several years, employees in several…
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