Sexual Repression And Its Effects On Society

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Advertising is everywhere. Advertisements follow us at every location and manipulate our minds to believe the product is more reliable, trustworthy, irresistible, and even sensual. In recent decades advertisements have progressively become more erotic and have appealed more to our natural desires for relationships than to the need for the product itself. It is not uncommon to see a perfume advertisement with a naked woman holding her breasts, a denim commercial with a man and woman making love, or a fast food ad with young women prancing around in small bikinis. Despite this outward media on sex, society runs into the contradiction of sexual repression. With the increase of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among teens, many people are quick to blame the media for the “forbidden” acts that are taking places. However, as we observe the morals and practices of sexual repression it reveals the possibility that the contradiction between both events cause more harm to our culture. The contradiction between sex in the media and repression in society is making teenagers more susceptible to sexual confusion, unplanned teenage pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases. In order to reduce the damaging outcomes that are caused by media and abstinence programs, schools should incorporate more sexual education programs and promote contraceptive. Advertising companies should also get their minds out of the gutter and decrease the amount of sexual advertisements that are
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