Sexual Revolution

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Long-Term Effects of the Sexual Revolution
It can argued that the original sexual revolution took place after World War I during the “roaring 20s” but for the purposes of this paper the time period between 1960 and 1980 is the time period where the most significant changes took place in regards to the way sex was viewed by western society. During this time period sexual liberation was showcased in the form of increased acceptance of homosexuality, emergence of non-monogamous relationships, availability of contraception’s such as birth control and abortion, and the prevalence of pre-marital sexual relations. The long-term effects of the sexual revolution are: the depiction of sex in the media, the sexual liberation of women, and the
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Women were increasingly viewed as equal individuals, becoming independent. Importantly, allowing women to become more financially independent. The women’s movement also contributed greatly to the redefining of a women’s sexuality, no longer did all women feel inferior to men. They were allowed to make their own decisions, and their voices were heard. The feminist movement of the early 1960s sought to eradicate the sexual objectification of women, by challenging the traditional norms about female sexuality and lesbianism. Feminist ideology centered on the notion that sexual liberation could be used to gain power back from men. The sexual liberation of women has changed the role of women in society in a positive way. While many positive outcomes have spawned from the sexual liberation of women, today some negative long term effects exist, increased exposure to sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/Aids, increased rate of children being born to young and single mother, incapable of providing a good life, and the belief by some that women are now depicted in an overtly sexual way too often.
The sexual revolution has given rise to the prominence of “out” homosexuals and helped to increase cultural acceptance of gays, lesbians, and transsexuals. The Gay Rights Movement started in the late 1960s and drastically changed the meaning of being gay. Prior to the sexual revolution it was extremely uncommon for a gay individual to “come out;”
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