Sexual Roles And Sexual Performance

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Sexual performance is a broad term that encompasses many issues and conditions that affects sexual health life. This is a reduction in sexual performance as a result of external problems that interfere with sustained erection ability (impotency)Numerous Psychological and physiological conditions leads to erectile dysfunction. Physical stress increase, either at home or workplace is the main cause of inability to keep up a steady erection during sexual intercourse. The following are sexual performance problems experienced by people: 1. Delayed ejaculation-This is a state of achieving sexual climax in a given time frame between 5 to 30 minutes. The condition is known to affect sexual performance between both partners. When not properly…show more content…
A low sexual desire is present among most men and women, and is directly linked to testosterone levels among men. Low testosterone levels mean low sexual desire and intimacy in men. A study shows that as a person’s age, sexual performance and testosterone levels diminishes naturally. Premature or abnormal sexual desire reduction is caused by hormonal imbalance. Hormone therapy is a proven method to correct and quickly restore normal hormonal balance to its level for great sexual performance. The above problems are common and are experienced by people who cannot have normal sexual performance during sexual intimacy. There are a number of factors that contributes to above sexual performance problems. The following are most common factors that decrease sexual performance: 1. Erectile dysfunction-This is a condition common among men that leads to inability to keep or get an erection long enough during sexual intercourse. Most men with sexual performance problems are known to suffer from chronic anxiety, depression and many other emotional or physical problems. Erectile dysfunction also causes physical injuries in the body that reduces flow of blood to the penis. 2. Habits-Bad habits are known to cause havoc on the body’s health, thus affecting a person’s sexual performance and sexual health. Bad habits like excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, abusing drugs and prescription inhibits sexual performance. 3.Physical health-A person undergoing treatment of
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