Sexual Scripts

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In any given society, at any given moment in history, people become sexual in the same way they become everything else…without much reflection. They pick up directions from their social environment. They acquire and assemble meanings, skills and values from the people around them. Their critical choices are often made by going along and drifting. People learn when they are quite young and few of the things they are expected to be, and continue slowly to accumulate a belief in who they are and ought to be throughout the rest of their childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Sexual conduct is learned in the same ways and through the same processes; it's acquired and assembled in human interaction, judged and performed in specific cultural…show more content…
The fact that women have cared for children is not necessarily connected with the nature of female sexual interest. One of the dangers of biological evolutionary views is that they are often used for justifying contemporary gender role differences between men and women which are related to differences in power, status, opportunities and resources. Sexual scripts also define masculinity and femininity. They are rooted in some basic biological difference – evolution, hormones, and the organization of the brain. There is something about the human female biology that makes women more passive, more receptive, and more interested in raising children and more likely to possess the whole range of traits included in female gender roles. The world now becomes a state of change or flux. Human beings act toward others and objects on the basis of the meanings that such things have for them but meanings are being continually constructed and modified through interaction. The fundamental approach is simple put: nothing is sexual but naming makes it so. Sexuality is a social construct learned in interaction with others. This is not to deny biological facts. It is simply to assert that things do not have sex meanings in their own right. They have to be bestowed upon them through sexual encounters. The mind has to define something as sexual before it is sexual in
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