Sexual Values Of 783 Undergraduates Essay

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What motivates people to make the choices that they do make every day? Could it be religion, fear of the unknown, sickness, or do other people around them have the power to influence their decisions? This paper is about the reason why young people participate in an activity that most people in the world do, or will one day in their future possibly do. It’s the activity that has the power to bring new bundles of joy into our world every single day, Sex. Some would argue and say the action of sex is easy but the thought that goes behind the choice of doing this activity is complicated. My paper will evaluate the article written by Emily Richey, David Knox, and Marty Zusman titled Sexual Values of 783 Undergraduates. Sexual values to me are important things to consider before having sex or before choosing a sexual partner. A study was conducted at a university,100 questions were asked to 783 freshmen’s and sophomores, and that study lead to the development of the article which I am evaluating. My goal is to evaluate the article to the best of my knowledge and understanding by dispensing my opinion and including information I have gained in my ethics class over this semester. To begin with the authors of the article defined sexual values as the moral guidelines individuals use to make decisions regarding their sexual behavior (Richey et al .661). I gave my opinion of what sexual values are to me in the first paragraph. My view and the authors view are to some extent different;
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