Sexual Violence And The Pregnancy

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For most women, pregnancy is a time of joy and happiness for the life she is about to bring into this world. Unfortunately, this is not the case for women who experience intimate partner violence during such a precious milestone in their life. Intimate partner violence during pregnancy refers to violent acts including physical, sexual, or psychological/emotional violence or threats of sexual violence committed by an intimate male partner such as a husband, boyfriend, or common law partner that are inflicted on a pregnant woman. Intimate partner violence can affect women during pregnancy and during the postnatal period with devastating effects on both the women and the unborn child. Domestic violence against women is more
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This being said, the best prevalence estimates are most likely underestimates.
Violence during pregnancy poses a threat to health and the death of the mother and her infant can be resulted. Pregnancy and the immediate period following birth is a time when partner support and being in a confiding trusting relationship is supposed to be particularly important for psychological health (Mezey, Bacchus, Bewley, & White, 2005). Women may feel more physically vulnerable and emotionally dependent on their partners during the postnatal period and as a result implications of domestic violence may be more profound, as violence poses the safety of both mother and the baby (Mezey, Bacchus, Bewley, & White, 2005). Direct and indirect mechanisms of violence may result adverse pregnancy symptoms or even during the postnatal period, including postpartum depression (Newberger et al 1992). Women that are victims of Domestic Violence are subject to a higher relative risk of postnatal depression or some other psychological morbidity during the postpartum period (Golding 1999; Coid et al 2003). Furthermore, some studies support that the application of physical or sexual violence on pregnant women is an inclination factor for postpartum depression (Buist & Janson 2001, Records & Rice 2004). Physical violence during

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