Sexual Violence in India and How It Is Rising Essay

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Around the world, as many as one out of three women been beaten, compelled into sex, or abused in some other way. It is most often someone she knows, including her husband or another male family member. This negatively has an effect on the well-being of women and prevents women from fully participating in society. Particularly in India, sexual violence is a reoccurring issue that has scarred the lives of thousands of women. Sexual violence is more than just physical abuse, it's damaging on so many levels; mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Over the past year, the issue of sexual violence in India has been especially sensitive. A certain event happened on December of 2012 that initiated women to finally speak their mind and…show more content…
She washed clothes and she ran daily chores at Bala’s neighbor’s house. Bala watched her turn into a recluse who never spoke to anyone. Unwilling to see this torture, Bala called the police station one morning. The officer told her, “we have no records for anyone under that name, Ma’am. No one exists by the name of Promila Das.” How can you say you’ve been raped when you do not even exist? Unreported rape cases in India are a growing concern. The worst part about it is that no one knows where to begin. 90% of the rape cases in India go unreported. Of every 10 women raped in India, 9 are afraid to speak up against their perpetrators or do not have access to the social media. This causes hundred of women to live in silence and fear. The NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) of India records a 112 percent rise in the number of reported rapes between 1990 and 2008 in India. In 2011, 24,206 rape cases were reported. That’s 66 rapes a day. These numbers alone demonstrate the problem that this country is involved with. A report from the Working Group on Human Rights in India exposes the constant struggle that women face. In January, this report estimated that two Indian women are raped every 60 minutes. This study broadcasts how this is not a onetime thing, it happens frequently. A 2011 study conducted by the International Centre for Research on Women found that 65 per cent of Indian men believe there are times when women “deserve to be beaten and tortured”.

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