Sexuality And Gender Identification : A Perspective Point Of View

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This analysis the focal point regarding the readings focuses around sexuality and gender identification. First, in Chapter twenty-two, Kaja Silverman clarifies both Freud and Lacan’s theories from a perspective point of view. Additionally, in Chapter Twenty-eight, Jacqueline Rose highlights identification of sexuality and feminism. Finally, the article conducted by, Keith Reader, explains different ways to exemplify “self” identification in regards to gender identity. Beginning with Chapter Twenty-two Silverman elaborates Lacan’s theory regarding semiotic linguistics and anthropology. In Chapter Twenty-two Silverman examines the delivery of Jacques Lacan’s theories, which mirror those of Freud. Lacan extends the works of Freud, “retaliating the works of Saussure and Levi-Strauss” (Silverman, 1999). Furthermore, Silverman utilizes the “Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-Analysis”, to describe Lacan’s seminars and writings. The male and female were one body, in the beginning. Because of the power of these bodies, Zeus separated the bodies, and in doing so created turmoil of separation, and created a void of confusion. The article then explains that Zeus felt sorry for the bodies and turned their privates around, enabling them to rejoin temporarily. Also, Silverman implies that the inclusion of this story is, “because it contains a number of critical Lacanian assumptions. One of these assumptions is that the human subject derives from an original whole which is divided in
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