Sexuality And Gender Relationship Values

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Sexuality and Gender Relationship Values in Young Adulthood
Michelle Moreno
Union Institute and University
Human Growth and Development
CPM 506
Dr. Andrew Vengrove
August 16, 2014 Abstract
This scholarly paper focuses on sexuality and relationship values in young adulthood. It will draw mostly on the relationship values of gender, marriage, and sexual orientation. Other than for procreation, very little research has been done that has not involved western cultures. Because of this lack of knowledge, this paper mainly focuses on the research that has been conducted in the West. The focus of sexuality in the West is much more liberal and is not so much concerned with procreation but rather on connecting two individuals who are
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The traditional sense of a union between young adults is to encourage sexual relations is to have children.
In the West, sexual activity in young adulthood is less focused on continuing the bloodline. Conversely, an active sex life is considered to be central for supporting the intimacy of the couple’s union as well as their mutual enjoyment and pleasure. “Extensive research in the West reports that sexual enjoyment between young adult couples promotes as well as reflects emotional closeness in their relationship” (Arnett, p. 487, 2012). Are there any differences in how relationship values are viewed by gender and/or sexual identity? This paper will present various studies to further explore relationship values in the context of gender and sexuality.
Relationship Values
Recent decades have brought significant social changes in the industrialized West that may influence young adults ' attitudes about intimate relationships (Meier, Hull & Ortyl, 2009). According to a Meier, Hull, and Ortyl (2009) research, it was discovered that the majority of young adults lean toward the dominant relationship values intrinsic in an ideology of romance and love. However, they also discovered that there are conservative but significant differences by gender and sexual orientation of the individual in relationship values. In their study, it was also discovered that significant interactions demonstrated either from gender
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