Sexuality And How Inequality Is Reproduced

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Sexuality and How Inequality is Reproduced

Name: Meghan Simpson, 205270
Lecturer: Dr Brady Robards, HGA102 Sociology B, Distance.

Inequality is reproduced through many facets of life. Most of the time it will come out of the attitudes shown towards those who go against the grain of what is considered as right, or normal. Inequality is reproduced even when it is not fully realised or meant. It happens by just a look or a joking comment that makes someone feel less than and small, it is reproduced through the actions and assumptions made of people who are not the typical norm. Throughout this essay it will be argued how inequality is reproduced in sexuality. This will be done by arguing the effect had by the important people in others lives; teachers, health care providers and parents when gender roles or sexuality is discussed, how it is understood and lastly, how fear of victimisation and the stigma attached to being homosexual can affect not only LGBT youth but the ageing community. Inequality and discrimination for those dealing with their sexuality and sexual orientation everyday is a constant struggle that D 'Augelli, Grossman and Starks (2006) wanted to research. This research looked at how swaying from gender norms and victimisation in terms of verbal, physical and sexual abuse can negatively affect the mental health of LGBT youths, with post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD being of particular interest. The results were gathered by mental health…
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