Sexuality And Its Effects On Society

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Over the years our society has developed into a world in which revolves around sex. Media has exposed children to sexual images, behaviors and even language, at any early stage in their development. All that is occurring quickly and they aren’t developmentally qualified to handle these situations. Acknowledging sexuality is a part of life and everyone has or will experience this in their lifetime. By an early age children should understand how their bodies will begin to change because there isn’t a concrete time to when this will happen. Throughout the years programs have been evaluated to determine when a child should begin to learn about sex and what would be the most effective way but society has not yet come to a conclusion on this matter. As the mind of a child develops and it’s complexity increases, their ability of creating sexual fantasies becomes more elaborate. They begin having fantasies that not only include them but also others they may know or have come in contact with. Their minds grow out of the elementary cooties phase and the idea of having intercourse or making love with another person suddenly doesn’t seem disgusting. The majority of human beings begin to have sexual feelings in their earliest development, as babies. “Each time someone changed our diapers and powered our private parts we had sexual feelings in the most basic sense-nice physical sensations down where the Pampers go” (Joannides, 736). Why would anyone want to arouse their child by touching
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