Sexuality And Violence : An Integral Part Of Human Nature

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Sexuality and violence is an integral part of human nature that is distinct yet at the same time linked in many ways to each other. In nature, the majority of alpha males have dominance over the female counterpart whether it is in their daily lives or sexual interactions. To some extent, it is similar in human beings, where power, aggression and authority may force the weak to be subjects of their abuse. Without the protection of law and order, as seen in past human societies, immoral and unethical events would occur. While women had always been the target of sexual abuse since the early ages, males and as well as other gender identities are not uncommon targets. Perpetrators and victims may not always be the ones who we expect them to be. Speaking from a psychological perspective, it is believed by some, such as Sigmund Freud and his followers, that it is the nature of human beings to be motivated by primitive sexuality needs (Mannoni 1971, 146-147). The ones that are weak, physically, mentally and socially are often victims of sexual abuse. Art history had depicted many instances of sexuality and violence that reflected the view of society at that time, since sexuality in text did not simply analyze an already constituted area of cultural knowledge; rather, they actively defined cultural knowledge (Nead 1990, 326). The purpose of this research paper is to review the perspectives of selected art pieces from different eras and compare the impact it brings to the society on

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