Sexuality As A Social Experience

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Introduction Sexuality, it refers to “aspects of the body and desire that are linked to the erotic.” (Macionis and Plummer, 2012) For many societies, sex or sexuality has long been seen as a taboo. They think that talking or discussing sexuality is an ignominious thing. Under this atmosphere, the societies will recognize sexuality as a private matter, which cannot openly discuss and even mention in the public area. However, is sexuality as a “real” private matter? Many people think that sexuality as a natural personal issue of life. However, all the participants of a society are learning what sexual behaviors are acceptable by the society through a process which called ‘socialization’. What is socialization? Socialization is a lifelong social experience by which individuals construct their personal biography, assemble daily interactional rules and come to terms with the wider patterns of their culture. (Macionis and Plummer, 2012) Through this process, people will learn the distinction of ‘good sex’ and ‘bad sex’. If our sexuality is shaped by socialization, that means the society affects our sexuality. Thus, sexuality may not as a private matter. Sexuality maybe as a public matter, because our society regulations. Regulations can understand as a censorship by the society or government, which related with the politics. Our society seems very free and liberal, but in fact, it is not liberal, censorships and regulations are ubiquitous, it exists in every corner of our
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