Sexuality, Identity And Media Audiences Essay

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MDIA 208 Media Audiences Faith Holloway 300314105 Sexuality, Identity and Media Audiences Drawing upon qualitative audience studies, this essay aims to discuss the extent to which sexuality plays a role in media audience’s identity construction. Furthermore, this essay argues that sexuality is significantly influenced by hegemonic discourse surrounding masculinity and heteronormativity. Foucault eludes to this idea nothing that both “… the formation of identities and practices are related to, or are a function of, historically specific discourses” (qtd in Pinkus). I aim to expand upon this concept by examining participant’s responses, particularly their acceptance or rejection of hegemonic sexual discourse, to determine its role in sexual identity construction. Additionally, by drawing upon definitions and theories of media scholars, I will examine how sexual identity is formed within a social and cultural sphere of ‘performance’ (Butler 1990). This essay will explore studies by Van Damme and Biltereys, Meyer and Wood and Haslop. Each of these three studies uses qualitative research, such as focus groups or interviews, to determine how sexuality and its hegemonic discourse plays a role in identity construction for media audiences. Discourse has previously been defined as a “…form of power that circulates in the social field and can attach to strategies of domination as well as those of resistance” (Diamond and Quinby 185). I aim to substantiate this claim by illustrating
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