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Sexuality Amber Sparks Everest University Sexuality 1.) Describe the major theories of sexuality as described in the text. Passion This is an emotional state of mind distinguished by intense physical stimulation, for example increased blood pressure and heart rate. Commitment “The third ingredient is decision and commitment. Sternberg observed that when many people speak of love, they refer more to a conscious decision than to a feeling state. Emotions come and go, but commitments based on decisions remain constant unless they are deliberately revoked” (Baumeister & Bushman, 2014). Intimacy “The second ingredient in Sternberg’s scheme is intimacy. Intimacy, in his view, is the common core of all love relationships.…show more content…
I think this way of being happens when you’re in a long term relationship. Commitment, in my opinion, isn’t just something you find in a spousal type relationship but also in friendships, working relationships, business ventures, etc. A person can be committed to any numbers of things. 3.) What attitudes and beliefs influence your opinion about sexuality? Well, if I am to be completely honest…when I was growing up my parents were divorced. We weren’t necessarily religious but we went to Sunday school for a few years I guess. I went back and forth a lot and amid all this neither my mother nor father really talked to me about sex at all. I was curious about it of course just like all kids become growing up. As I grew to my teen years I became very promiscuous. I felt it was because I didn’t know that what I was doing was bad because no one was educating my on it. No one helped make me aware of the differences and meanings of passion, intimacy and commitment. I sort of had to find out for myself. When I got close to my twenties and throughout my 20’s my mom finally opened up about sexuality but by then I knew all I needed to know. As an adult woman now, I look back and realize what I was doing was not good. For a young girl to be partaking in sexual activity really bothers me now. I for one will be sure to educate my children on sexuality from a young age. Yes, they may be embarrassed but I feel these are important parts of

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