Sexuality Relationships : Sexuality And Relationships

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Sexuality in Relationships In a healthy romantic relationship, sexuality plays a major role. I think it is just as important as caring about each other or hold hands while you are walking with your partner. If you do not have sexuality in your relationship with your partner it could cause bad side effects later as cheating or having problems but not telling it to your partner. I also think it is important so you got to know your partner not just from the outside, but also from the inside because by being naked in front of each other means confidence and trust. These two elements are the basis for a long healthy relationship. It is also a time when you can be with your partner 100%. There is nobody else who could distract, it is just the two partners together and time for being intimate. Also, sexuality could be the top point of a relationship, it’s something that both enjoy, and they make it happen together, something they achieve together. It also could be a potential way to show your love to your partner by making him or her comfortable and by pleasuring him or her.
Sexuality could be a sexual act as having sex, but it could also mean to just enjoy your partner by touching or just caressing each other without having sex or even without taking clothes off. For me it could be just lying next to each other on a bed and just start cuddling while we are watching a movie. Touching and having a physical contact with your partner is really important in a relationship because by…

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