Sexuality and Adolescence

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1. Sexuality and Adolescence As therapist, I would reassure Anna that her behavior is normal. That young people start dating today earlier than they did in previous generations and this may be where her mother fails to understand her. It is due also to the tendency for teens to date earlier than they once did that teens by age 14 are more likely to engage in coitus during high school, which explain her boyfriends' insistence on sex. On the other hand, there are certainly grounds for her mother's concern. Rathus et al (2006) state that teens who initiate sexual intercourse earlier are less likely to use contraceptives and more likely to end up in an unwanted pregnancy. Anna can easily slip into this category and, particularly considering that she is only 13, this is what her mother wants to avoid at all costs. Having a baby at this age would be detrimental to her in so many ways, not least in that she will have to scuttle her educational and vocational plans and ramifications would be adverse for the child to. On the other hand, and as assurance to the mother and to Anna, early coitus does not always lead to unwanted pregnancies. It seems to me, however, that Anna is still too young for coitus. In another year to two she may yet learn to experiment, aside from which I feel uneasy at the boyfriend's pressure on her to have sex. It seems to me that he may be too controlling and insensitive of her feelings or of her developmental stage. The fact that he is 3 years older
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