Sexuality and Gender Roles in Tv Sitcoms

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Sexuality and Gender Roles in T.V Sitcoms

Society places a lot of blame on daily interactions and public views through what people observe and learn from television sitcoms and movies. Parents believe that children are now being confused about their sexuality just from watching television shows and movies. People believe that what they view in today’s popular television sitcoms and movies are ways to act in every day society. Most sitcoms and movies however, are just enabling sexuality and gender conflictions within today’s youth. According to the author bell hooks “What does it mean that media has such control of our imaginations that they don't want to accept that there are conscious manipulations taking place and that in fact, we
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She sometimes shows a taste of sadomasochism, and in the episode “The Son also draws” she has a gambling addiction when the family enters the Indian Casino. Lois is somewhat promiscuous: she had an affair with former President Bill Clinton. She has also been shown to have a large number of ex-boyfriends, including Gene Simmons of the band KISS and a friend of Peter's named Jerome, both of which have given her the nickname "Loose Lois" Even though Lois has this dark and promiscuous side of her, it’s merely her just rebelling against being the stereotypical mother. Unfortunately Lois only fits two extremes, she is either the perfect stay at home mom or a crazy rebel, because a guy has been the creator to the show, he is depicting how men see women. There is no in between woman that can be a mom and still have fun, not in promiscuous, absurd ways. The media is full of depicting the stereotypical stay at home mother. The Simpsons is another case in point of how the media portrays the gender roles. As Sarah Antinora writes, “As an animated series, the series has always been allowed to take liberties and play with the conventions of a sitcom in order to make its pointed comments concerning modern culture.” (The Simpsons Gender Roles). In The Simpsons Marge Simpson also plays the stereotypical house hold wife. As her husband Homer goes to work at the nuclear power plant, she stays at home taking care of the three kids,
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