Sexuality of Elderly

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Introduction on Sexuality of elderly sexuality Human sexuality means the ways in which people experience and express themselves as sexual beings (Rathus et al., 2010).Sex is part of human life, it is a common sense that people normally concern sex since adolescence, but there is no absolute answer for, when sex should be terminated in human life. During the Cho Yiu Chuen’s elderly interview, I saw an adult magazine on an old man’s bed; it triggered me to concern about the sexual need of elderly. Literature review The University of Chicago (Lindauet al., 2007) conducted a study on 3005 people who aged from 57 to 85. It showed that 75% of the men and 50% of the women age from 75 to 85 consider sex as an important part of life; nearly 75%…show more content…
Primary Intervention Holding talks and distributing leaflets in nursing home, old age home, clinic and hospital can be two of the approaches to reach the aim which spreads the messages and knowledge of elderly sexual health. Besides elderly, their family members, caregivers and health care professionals should also be included as the main target audience. Those people are closely related to and living with the elderly so they have more chance to educate the elderly in private as sexual issues are quite personal. (Tones and Tilford, 2001) The social perception can be changed through health education on public (Kiger, 2004) by admitting the facts that elderly sex is legal; they need sex; they have the ability of having sex; and sex would be good for their health. The public is expected to give more respect to the privacy of elderly and accept elderly sexuality after the messages have been widely spread. Other than altering the social perception, more education on normal aging of sexual function should also be given to elderly in order to enrich their sexual knowledge. This helps them to identify sexual abnormality and promote early treatment. Besides, elderly can prevent sexual dysfunction by learning how to control the lifestyle factors that affecting their sexual function, such as smoking, obesity and diabetic mellitus. Moreover, the knowledge can correct the sexual attitude of elderly as the psychological barriers can be
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