Sexualization Of Sex In Advertising

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Have you watched TV in your own house and there were younger children with you, and an advertisement comes up promoting a restaurant? A car? You continue watching and all you see is overly sexualize commericals of either women or men that don’t actually promote the product but only the actor themselves. Advertisements today have become more related to porn than to their own products, this causes negative feedback such as body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, self- esteem, depression, and sometimes a vision of reality that is far from true. Advertisements and commercials that rely heavily on sex to sell products should be banned from magazines and television.
To say for the least, ads around the manufacturing world has determined that sex sells; advertising sex is the use of sexually provocative imagery that are designed to arouse interest in a particular product, service or brand. Typically, sex refers to attractive men and women which is used to pull in viewers, readers, listeners despite the non-existent link to the brand being advertised. This only assures the idea of sex sells. Sex sells as deplicted by Hardey’s, Carl Jr, and others. Sex sells has begun to cross the boundaries
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commercials provide a clear example; They use a female with bikinis or even with just a cover up on, the purpose is to sell the restaurant food but they make a focus on the model than the actual product; the takeaway remains to be that these ads are more harmful to the population then good. In some ads they make light use of rape, domestic violence, reduce women to a pair of breasts, and even throw in a nude woman (Sexualizing Women in Ads). These study suggest and prove that the use of exploiting women in these manners lead to younger women, and even teens/tweens, to place value in themselves due to physical appearance; thus leading to body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, self- esteem and
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