Sexualized Culture And Its Effects On Hyper Sexuality Disorder

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Sexualized Culture and its Effects on Hyper Sexuality Disorder Matthew Ponsock Wright State University English 2100-32 Sexualized Culture and Its Effects on Hyper Sexuality Disorder Hyper sexuality, sexual compulsivity, sexual addiction, and even out-of-control sexual behavior, are all terms that relate to the same thing: hyper sexuality disorder. Hyper sexuality disorder is one in which a person experiences extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity. Influenced by both physiological and psychological impulses, hyper sexuality leads to emotional and physical distress. The sexualized nature of the American culture combined with the overwhelming amount of online pornography is a major contributing factor to the prevalence of hyper sexuality disorder. Sex is seen everywhere, in advertising, entertainment, pop culture, and daily life, and has become intensely intrusive at a psychological level within people. Because of the ever-growing amount of pornography and sex seen throughout our everyday lives, it is no wonder that those that become sex addicts have personal distress resulting in affected function. The saturation of our pornified culture contributes to the development of a hyper sexuality disorder, which affects behavior, cognitive processes, and lifestyle. Discussion Society American culture is saturated with pornography, sexual discourse, and sexualized images. Sex has infiltrated every aspect of American life and its over-reaching

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