Essay on Sexually Active Teens

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Adolescence can be a time filled with uncertainty and excitement. Boys and girls alike worry about their looks, grades, peer pressure, dating, and their futures. When sex is added to the mix, another layer of anxiety or concern can bring about more complications to an already overwhelmed teen. The consequences of becoming sexually active during adolescence can include pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and depression. One obvious consequence teens face when they become sexually active is pregnancy. Pregnancy at any age can be taxing on the body, and spirit. However, adding in a third factor-lack of maturity in most adolescents-can create a disastrous combination. According to an article titled Teen Pregnancy: Overview,…show more content…
Teen mothers typically miss out on the educational benefits experienced by their classmates as only about one-third of teenage mothers graduate from high school. In addition to not completing high school, teen mothers get involved with drugs and alcohol, and struggle with poverty because their “baby daddies” do not make enough money. The burden does not fall just on the shoulders of the teen mothers and fathers; rather, teen pregnancy affects society as a whole as well. Not only do eight percent of teen mothers get welfare checks during at least one point in their lives, but these unplanned pregnancies cost the public billions of dollars every year, too. Another consequence of sexual activity in teens is the potential to contract a sexually transmitted disease. According to Sexual Activity-Consequences of Adolescent Sexual Behavior, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reports that although adolescents (ages fifteen to nineteen) represent less than 16 percent of the population of reproductive age (ages fourteen to forty-four), youth account for almost 27 percent of new STI infections (4 million of 15 million new STIs). Based on the 1999 YRBS, female adolescents (ages fifteen to nineteen) had the highest rate of chlamydia (about 2,484 per 100,000) and gonorrhea infection (534 cases per 100,000) among all U.S. women (404.5 cases per 100,000 and 130 cases per 100,000,
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