Essay about Sexually Transmitted Diseases are Wreaking Havock

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Year by year people die due to sexually transmitted diseases. While some cases being only a simple infection, others can remain permanently and actually scar the carrier. For example: the illness herpes is reported by the CDC that 776,000 new cases overtake the United States annually. Many of these STDs are stated as some of the most difficult pain brought about by a time thought to be pleasurable. The name of these diseases states their origin. Each are spread through the genitals during sex, but many can be spread through other means, such as through blood, by touch, and tears in the mouth and anus. Symptoms include painful itchy blisters, growths, discharge, rashes and even burning redness. Not only do these happen soon after sexual activity and transmission, but they stay with the carrier for a long time or sometimes forever.
With these diseases wreaking havoc in the country, one would think the Government would be doing everything in their power to save its citizens from this modern-day plague, but instead, they sit idly by worrying about gun control laws and wars half-way across the globe. The Government honestly believes that it can trust its people to make the right decisions on their own; the sex-ed classes required in high school are supposed to teach young people how to make decisions to control their sexual urges. Coaches sometimes mention the negative effects of STDs and practicing safe sex with very few partners, or, preferably,…