Sexually Transmitted Hepatitis Prevention And Treatment

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Sexually Transmitted Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment "Hepatitis" means inflammation of the liver and also refers to a group of viral infections that affect the liver (CDC, 2014). There are five hepatitis viruses’ referred as Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E with only three known to be transmitted sexually. Hepatitis A (HAV) The hepatitis A virus is found in the feces of someone infected with the virus. It only takes a tiny amount of feces getting inside another person’s mouth to cause hepatitis A infection and is a common infection in many parts of the world where sanitation and sewage infrastructure is poor. HAV is also classed as a sexually transmitted disease because it can be passed on sexually, particularly during activities such as anilingus. Prevention: The CDC 2014 recommendations for HAV are immunization for young children living in areas with high incidence of HAV, anyone traveling to countries where it is epidemic. In addition, immunization may be recommended for people whose sexual practices are likely to put them at risk (World Health Organization, 2015). Other ways to reduce the spread of HAV is to; wash your hands after bowel movement, avoid oral/anal and finger/anal sex, immunization for adolescents and sexually active adults. And, the Immune globulin injection may be given within 14 days of exposure to HAV. Treatment: There is no specific treatment for HAV and most people fight off the virus naturally, returning to full health within a couple of months.
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