Sexually Transmitted Infections And Young Adults

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Sexually Transmitted Infections in young adults
Justin Dwayne Wood
Park University
12 April 23, 2015

Background Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in young adults have been a concern of mine since I was in high school. I grew up in California and it seemed that the spread of STIs was always talked about. I lived about one and a half hours from San Francisco and the transmission of HIV always seemed that it was a problem in that area. I grew up afraid that if I had sex I would contract a STI the first time I had sex. This was mostly due to concern the school made of STIs. During my high school years we had several classes on sex education. These classes seemed to put more effort on abstinence than anything else. They
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The U.S. has spent over one billion dollars on abstinence only programs that do not work, it is time that the U.S. governments starts investing in to a program that will work. I believe that the best way to help prevent the passing of STIs is through proper education. Our young adults deserve to know the proper way to protect themselves and the risk of having unprotected sex. Without proper education on prevention methods our STI rates will not drop. These education methods need to be delivered in way that is appropriate as well, they must be able to get the class involved on the topic and make sure that they understand it. I know that when I was in school anytime we had a sex education class it was delivered in a way where questions were not easily asked. It was more of a situation where you are told the information and do not need to worry about it afterwards which is completely wrong. The information that people learn on sex in schools will be with them for the rest of their life. It needs to be good information that will assist them in make appropriate decisions on sex. Most people will eventually have sexual intercourse at some point in their life that is why it is so important that the information they receive teaches them how to protect themselves against not only STIs but, unwanted sexual advances. There is also the family that
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