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Report on…. “Xeltronics Group” Prepared For: Prepared By Group Five: Marketing & Sales- Michael Biton Production- Abdulla Al Mamun R&D – Agnieszka Somszor Finance & Investments- Lena Blayo VISION: To be the price leader in high-tech industry and to increase the value of our company. MISSION STATEMENT: To deliver innovative customer solutions and components that exceeds customer expectations and constantly creates value for our stakeholders. STRATEGIC SUMMERY: Since all companies started with the same initial situation we have decided to make one SWOT analysis as the part of a company's strategic planning process, to determine where we stands on four keys strategic areas. In the next periods we…show more content…
Moreover, the numbers of suppliers of each component, supplier´s control over our company, switching costs are low. We have a lot of supplier choices and we profit from this because the more we need suppliers' help, the more powerful our suppliers are. Thus, the bargaining power of suppliers is moderately low. The last competitive force in five forces analysis is bargaining power of customers. Basically, there are no costs of switching from our products and services to those of someone else. In addition, the number of buyers and importance of each individual buyer to our business is high. Moreover, in a face of crisis buyers are price sensitive but at the same time they demand high quality. Thus, it might be difficult to satisfy their needs at the price level that they expect. Having the economic forecast and conducting both SWOT and Porter’s five forces model we decided to apply low price strategy with a focus on Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Period 0 and 1 Due to technical difficulties we did not receive feedback from the trial period, which is why we based our decision-making on the data provided by the economic forecast. 1.1 R&D The main focus of our R&D activities is Europe. We have the highest know-how and corporate image there. During period 0 and one we decided to invest more in AP and gradually decrease our investments in

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