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Geographic dispersion & cultural diversity

As economic borders come down, cultural barriers will most likely go up and present new challenges and opportunities for business.
As global restructuring takes place within the company, Koch leads a geographically dispersed project team (i.e. Germans and Chinese members ) to standardize its personnel selection methods in the APAC region for staffing 25 new middle management positions. The HR executive encounters problems when leading across cultural differences in work behaviors that arise within his multinational team. He fails to respect and understand his team members’ cultural diversity (Chinese behaviors and values), or bond his team together, which is essential to form such a team.
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Employees suffer from ignorance and misunderstanding. In the case ,the team lost all the meeting time on meaningless discussions due to differences in cultures and values. As a leader of multinational team, Koch was not willing to learn of real meaning underneath the behaviors due to cultural diversity, (i.e. Chinese are just being polite and trying to show confidence by never saying no )which made the whole team not effective at all and their plan unsuccessful. The Breakdown of Jollibee
Although Tony Kitchner was hired to bring more structure to the International Division, he failed to learn about the people’s culture and values from Domestic department or build the rapport needed to push forward the division’s initiatives. . Kitchner should have recognized that the hostility coming from Domestic was underscored by a fear that their division would be eclipsed by International. Rather than cultivate this fear, Kitchner should have made it explicit that the International Division’s success would have reflected on the company as a whole. By simply increasing communication, Kitchner could have enlisted Domestic’s support in his endeavors.
In ComInTec , they still use the same internal human resources people to deal with the problems, which are not solved or improved yet. The team faces

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