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SG Cowen Analysis Problem Identification: SG Cowen's strategy is to recruit the best possible MBA candidates from the top B-schools in the country into their associates program. However, unstructured interviewing and hiring processes may not allow for the overall best candidates to be chosen. Problem Analysis: SG Cowen's hiring process is very challenging to its candidate in order to secure only the best talent available to them. The candidates that are even considered for interviews must have top notch educational and/or job accomplishment. The process begins as early as the fall with core B-school visits and info sessions, followed by campus interviews in closed sessions1 . If selected for the final round, candidates are…show more content…
If SG Cowen is very selective in their candidates, they might as well make the candidates earn it with a common case analysis presented by all candidates to all the interviewers. Those who present themselves well in the spirit of the SG Cowen culture will get offers. Interviewers will all get to see at the same time a candidates strengths and weaknesses in action. Interviews would be a formality and the case / presentation technique will be the standard. The only drawback would be the topic, so careful consideration on the topic must be given to make sure it is fair to all candidates. In regards to the other options, it is obvious that change needs to take place in the process which would eliminate alternative #1 as the best option. In regards to using recruiters, it would be the second best alternative. However, since the potential candidates will be working with bank professionals, who directly deal in the day to day operations, they must have their input in the matter. Plan of action Candidates invited to Super Saturday will be given the case study to prepare to present prior to the event. They would have a couple days to prepare for the presentation. The topic will be a fictional case that could mask a potential SG Cowen business problem. Candidates will be asked to use their creativity to analyze the case, recommend a solution and how to implement it in a 5 minute presentation. Interviewers will key on communication,

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