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Running head: SG COWEN CASE New Recruits NAME HRMG313 – Staffing Organizations School of Arts & Sciences Davenport University Dianne Rey December 9, 2007 Introduction SG Cowen is an investment banking firm known for its work with growth companies. Formed in July 1998 through the purchase by French commercial banking giant Societe Generale of I-bank Cowen & Co., the firm combines the global banking franchise of SG (founded in 1864) with the equity underwriting, distribution, research, and advisory capabilities of Cowen and Co. (established in 1918). A leading full-service securities firm, SG Cowen perennially receives top rankings in certain markets, most notably health…show more content…
It’s an exhausting experience for candidates and the interviewers. The day consists of a formal dinner with leadership the night before where candidates are sized up, even in an elegant midtown restaurant. After the candidate has five half hour sessions on Saturday morning the successful candidates would receive offers to join Investment Banking. Those who accepted offers would return in April for orientation to meet with the banking groups that interested them most. Rae admits that he strives to get people to act and behave like a firm, and instructs interviewers to test for culture fit; this was important for Bill Buchanan as well as he didn’t put a lot of stock in resumes, he hired for fit. Fennebresque wanted to ferret out people who loved technology, and Daws thought it was important for Chip to review the personality types. Decisions & Alternatives For Chip Rae it is important to choose the right culture fit for SG Cowen. The company has a work hard, play hard mentality that keeps you on your toes. Rea is looking for candidates who believe in the place, has a sense of self, ethics, and cultivates close knit groups where everyone knows each other. I consent with the recruiting process of visiting campuses in recruiting individuals and hopeful candidates. MBA prospects are a vast technique to attract and capture opportunity. The presentations and interview workshops gives Cowen a chance to sell

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