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I. Overall Comments:

The Harvard Business School article gives an overview the vast nature of recruiting by examining the recruitment process of SG Cowen. SG Cowen has a pioneer approach to recruiting therefore they have a quality of associates that is second to none. Their approach to recruiting combines common sense and consistency to recruit the most valuable associates. By changing their tactics from recruiting at only the top 10 schools, to recruiting at other non-core schools has given them a greater variety in the quality of their recruits. This approach is both realistic and sensible. This paper discusses in detail the case and how the simple recruiting procedures of SG Cowen result in higher caliber of individuals that
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The combination of all these ideas and plans really helps SG Cowen find the individuals that are the best “fit” for the company. They inquire about numerous things that on its face, do not seems to be part of the normal interview process. For example, questioning whether candidates would fit in a particular office, such as New York, when they come strictly from the Midwest. Analyzing everything about the candidates, such as culture, in addition to education and qualifications, really assist the company in the recruiting process. Gregg Schoenberg, a Cornell grad, is now the team captain for the Johnson School of Business at Cornell and he is a classic example of why the recruiters at SG Cowen now spend much more time at the non-core business schools. He explained how, once SG Cowen became more accepting of students at a non-core school, (which Cornell was when he first was hired) and he emphasized that the recruits need to be “fast learners.”
III. Connections & Lessons Learned:

Throughout this case, the overwhelming lesson I learned is the fact that all companies, large or small, are concerned with the quality of their recruits. They want to ensure that they have the most levels of recruiting and they have numerous opportunities to scan the competence and talent of candidates. In the end, after “Super Saturday” was over, the bankers were struggling with four vastly different individuals, yet
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