Shackleton Case Study

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Shackleton Case Study: Was He a Successful Leader? Summary In December 1914, the ship the Endurance, left South Georgia for the South Pole with a crew of 27 men and the leader Ernest Shackleton. They left despite warnings from whalers that there was a chance they would get stuck in the ice. The goal of the crew was to deposit six men at the Antarctic coast near the Weddell Sea, to be the first to walk across Antarctica, and to be picked up by the Endurance on the other side of the coast. Instead, the ship became stuck in pack ice, eventually suffering enough damage that it sank. The men were able to reach land and Shackleton and 5 crew members went to South Georgia Island, leaving 22 men behind. Shackleton secured a ship and went back to get his 22 crew members. In other words, Shackleton was an Antarctic explorer who is known because of the failure of his most well-known expedition. He was the captain of a ship, the Endurance, which became trapped in pack ice when he was trying to reach Antarctica. He had a crew of 27 men, and he had them abandon the ship and kept them alive for almost years through extraordinary hardships. Key Facts Shackleton had a difficult time beginning his expedition. He did not have the personal finances to pay for the trip. Furthermore, when the South Pole was found, there was a reduction in interest in Antarctic expeditions. In addition, because Europe was anticipating World War I, people were simply uninterested in funding these types of
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