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Leadership in Crisis
Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of the Endurance

3/10/2014 aFriendInNeed Situation Overview:
Shackleton sailed with 27 men from South Georgia Island on a British Polar expedition into South Atlantic aboard the ship called Endurance. The south pole had been recently reached in 1911. The goal of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition was to become the first explorers to land on the Antarctic continent as well as cross it. The original plan was to sail Endurance through the Weddell Sea and then use dogs and sledges to support the crew of six men to march on the opposite side of Antarctica.
However, their ship became trapped in the pack ice of the Weddell Sea, before they could reach the Antarctic coast.
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Nevertheless, his spirited optimism, unrelenting courage and sheer determination displayed during the crisis have become legendary.
By what criteria should the Endurance expedition be evaluated? As a scientific endeavor? An entrepreneurial venture? An exercise in imperial opportunity? Given your answer, was it a success or failure?
The Endurance expedition can be evaluated as an entrepreneurial venture. Shackleton was trying to establish a name for himself as an explorer. His main goal was to be the first to reach the South Pole and traverse the continent. Britain held records for the farthest exploration to the north and south polar areas, but faced international competition as time went by. An international race was going on to reach and cross the South Pole and England wanted to be the first to claim Antarctica.
Shackleton acted as an entrepreneur as he spent a lot of time raising the necessary funding for his expedition. This journey had high associated risks, and he needed to secure tremendous funding for, two vessels, as well as for two crews. Not only, he used his family connections to reach out for Britain's wealthiest people, but also sent them a personal letter along with a copy of the expedition prospectus. He managed to secure the needed £51,000 for the expedition. Eventually, he took a huge financial risk to achieve his dream.
He continuously adapted himself and
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