Shades of Evil in Cheshunt - the Gathering

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“At the beginning of the cycle, the darkness calls, drawing like to like until one comes who is empty: like a vessel who will gather the darkness into it, and enable infection to grow and extend like cancer. The vessel has come, the darkness now gathers” (page 84). Evil that gathers in Cheshunt comes in shades of colours: “fire-red” and “uniform-blue”. But each of these evils are defeated by “love-white”. The mental battle of evil and how evil can be abusive, aggressive and violent (fire-red) and the deceptiveness and dishonesty of authority (uniform – blue) can be hard to fight, but the good (love-white) overcomes all and wins against any colour of evil even though every colour makes white and every shade of evil makes up good. In…show more content…
People usually give into the evil by someone else treating them evilly or abusively. People, who are good, don’t let this change them as a person. The “fire-red” evil is shown in issues like child abuse, domestic violence and police brutality. For example, in The Gathering is the story behind Danny. “Calling the police had been instinctive, but then I remembered Danny’s story” (Page 129). The police make the rule and laws and enforce them, and then they break them. They can do what they like and hurt whoever they want in The Gathering (page 119). The Mental scars which Danny carried, changed Danny as a person. This is same as the scars that are left on the people who were evilly attacked or abused sometime in their life. “Nathanial, time is a circle, without beginning or end. Seek beyond the shadows of the past to know the truth of the future” (Page 83). The past changes everyone as the person; who they are, but they have to overcome the problems and actions of everyone, including them and not let them effect who they are. This is what The Chain did. They overcame their past and learnt no to let their past control how they act today. Everyone in this novel is has the potential to be good, even if they were people who fit into the category of “fire-red” or “uniform-blue”. Red and blue make up white as a colour. After the Chain defeated the evil, Cheshunt became a white

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