Shadow Bataan Death March: The Day Of Valor

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With perseverance in their eyes, sights were set on the strenuous day they were about to face. Double checking boot laces, tightening and re-adjusting one another’s ruck-sacks and, for good measure, grabbing a few more bananas from the volunteer aid station, the marchers were more than ready to begin the second annual Shadow Bataan Death March, hosted by the 525th Military Police Detention Battalion, March 19 at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The Bataan Death March was a 65-mile long transfer of 80,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war, who were forced into surrendering to the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II on April 9, 1942. It is now recognized as the Day of Valor.
On March 20, the actual memorial march takes place in White Sands, New Mexico, said Army Cpt. Mckinley White, a
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Andrew Chang, a paralegal specialist assigned to Staff Judge Advocate here. “The squats and dead lifts really helped in training my legs and preparing myself for today.”

Many units registered for the march with the intent to build more team work, release stress and have fun.
It’s good in establishing morale and camaraderie, said Army Cpt. Jennifer Eichten, the assistant deputy to the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate here at GTMO, a participant who organized five members in her office to attend the march. It offers a tough physical challenge, as well as a great way to pay respect to the actual Death March in Bataan.
The participants and volunteers at this year’s Shadow Bataan Death March attended for various reasons; units formed teams to establish more camaraderie and some joined in pursuit of a physical challenge in exertion. But all who attended, contributed to the esprit de corps set to honor the lives of the ones in the original Bataan Death March, those whom did not have the option to march or
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