Shadow Work

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When it comes to making important decisions, I believe in knowing your own self and what I mean by that, is knowing how I think, how I feel and who I am as an individual. By looking deep into my character(myself), to see what kind of thoughts and feelings I am generating. Then putting into structure, how these thoughts and feelings came. I ask myself, are you thinking and feeling this way because your about to make an important decision, have made or thinking about making. I know that, my thoughts and feelings are linked together and work, to make an invisible spider web, that I like to call life. This invisible web, is formed and fabricated by my thoughts and feelings, and as I change, it to changes.

The whole process starts by me praying
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I try to figure out why that is, and I do something called shadow work. Shadow work is breaking down a statement, a question or just thoughts and truly seeing how I feel about them, and finding out where these thoughts and feelings are coming from. Are they coming from a mindset of fear, nervousness, doubt or any other negative emotion that could come out, when I am doing shadow work. When I am breaking down my thoughts and feelings, I start by checking my life history (experience) and I sometimes realize, these negative emotions come from, what has happened to me in the past and over time these negative thoughts, have created negative emotions and these negative emotions have become a part of my belief system; Which hinders me from making that right decision. To over come this, I accept the past as the past, knowing that I can and I have learned and grown from the past. Which allows me to move on and make the best possible decision for the present moment. I am also grateful for the past because it has given me beautiful and wonderful memories, that I can cherish for a lifetime and use to help me make important decisions in my life. I know without the past, I would not be at this evolutionary point in my
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