Shake It off and Step Up

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EN 100
Reflective Argument Essay
Second Draft Shake It off and Step Up Unconsciously, it comes to the end of the semester. I’ve learned quite a lot in our EN 100 class, not only in word selection, but also in many aspects such as the use of language and how to connect paragraphs. The most important thing I have learned in this class is the cultural difference between writing in Chinese and writing in English. You might be good at writing Chinese essays, but it doesn’t mean you can do well in English writing. The teacher of the class is a young graduate student in our school. In his first class, he asked us to write an essay about whether we think the study in high school can make full preparations for university
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Too many exams and homework came to me, along with tremendous pressure. So I bited the bullet, and handed the terrible draft in. Indeed, I felt too ashamed to go to the writing lab to revamp my essay. Even though this essay was a total failure, I still learned something from that, such as how to make your essay grammatical, the choice of your title, and how to build the structure of an essay. For instance, I used the Exercise Team as my title, but after I got the feedback of my instructor, I realized maybe I should use a more clear title to let the reader know what I’m going to talk about in my essay better. So I changed it into Bodybuilding Community to make it clear that the community was in the gym when they first see the title. In structure aspect, our teacher told me I should let the reader know earlier where I am, so I explained the location in advance in my final draft. This is another cultural difference, generally speaking, in Asian culture, we would like to write the location information after the environmental description. But in western culture, it’s better for you to bring out the theme at first. After we handed in the second essay, our teacher did not give us too much time to take a break, the analyzing essay was coming. This time, we were asked to analyze a chosen advertisement by considering its visual, textual, and aural aspects. Then describing how each aspect contributes to the
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