Shaken Baby Syndrome

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According to Merriam-Webster, trauma is defined as a serious injury or wound to living tissue caused by an extrinsic agent; a very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes a person to have mental or emotional disturbances, usually for an extended period of time. There are many types of trauma that can affect a child’s development, specifically neural development. One pervasive form of trauma to children is Shaken Baby Syndrome. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a simple descriptive for a disturbing cluster of subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage, traction type metaphyseal fractures, and retinal hemorrhage seen in children due to the act of violently shaking the child (Miehl, 2005). Shaken Baby Syndrome us an extremely vicious act of abuse…show more content…
One major effect of well-developed spirituality include having a positive and meaningful view of life and developing a sense of coherence that allows survivors of abuse and neglect to comprehend and make meaningful sense of trauma, and manage personal resources to deal with stressors in life (Glenn, 2014). As a Christian it is easy to make the correlation between a strong, confident spiritual relationship with the ability to overcome struggles and trauma of our past. It is encouraging to see empirical research to support our beliefs. References Feldman, R. (2014). Development across the life span (Seventh Ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education. Glenn, T. (2014). A bridge over troubled waters: Spirituality and resilience with emerging adult childhood trauma survivors. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health. 16. Pp. 37-50. Laurent-Vannier, A., Toure, H., Vieux, E., Brugel, D., Chevignard, M. (2009). Long term outcome of the shaken baby syndrome and medicolegal consequences: A case report. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Volume 52(5). Pp.
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