Essay on Shakespeare: A Master of Tragedy, As Seen in Julius Caesar

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Some of the world’s greatest and most recognized writers were and are masters of the tragedy. Though everybody enjoys a nice tragedy in a book or play once and again. One overwhelming in deaths and disasters would defiantly be a turnoff to many. However, a classic trait for many Shakespearian pieces would be rather high in these. One perfect example being his infamous play Julius Caesar. Jealousy, power and war, all of which being huge bullets in the plot of the play. What to say it’s main scheme of it would have to be the conspiracy to murder the Caesar, and the conspirators that helped complete this bloody task. To do so, there were many events that led up to it, thus including the subplot. What this would’ve been most likely was …show more content…
Out of the many tragedies in this play, there are two major ones: these of Gaeus Julius and Brutus. It's my personal belief that Brutus 's[change to last name] is greater however, for, Julius honestly had his murder coming to him and due to his own ignorance and huge ego, he had no idea. Brutus however, was really just not able to focus on the things around him or show any emotion whatsoever, which in turn did loose his wife’s life and cause him to end his own. You really can’t help the wy you are, in many respects, but complete selfishness and being overly egotistical really can be avoided if you were to ask my opinion. Don’t take this the wrong way though, for both conflicts are rather horrid either way. Everybody and every thing has some motive as to why it happens or does what it does. In this case however, there were a group of conspirators plotting the murder of Julius Caesar; the two most important however were Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius. Their reasons for the murder of Caesar were rather different, yet vaguely similar. Their means of similarity would include that neither one of the two liked Julius’s huge ego and “everybody loves me” attitude. Rightfully, that is. Also, since they both know he truly does want the crown, though they would too if in his position, couldn’t stand him. These aims also had many, many differences. For example, Cassius’s main reason was that he was a high supporter of
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