Shakespeare Alive! Ch 1-3 Summaries Essay

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June 17th, 2013
Chapter 1 - “One Day at a Time: What Daily Life Was Like” In the late 16th century of England life was rough. Many families had multiple children, but not enough money to support all of them. Families most likely live on the countryside, trying their hardest to survive on what little they have. The late 16th century was full of contradictions, as well. A woman, Queen Elizabeth, was ruler, but in the family women still had no say. Men ran the house still. The rich would wander around Europe for fun, while the poor stumbled around begging for scraps to survive. Most people couldn’t even read, while the pompous are being treated to the highest forms of education! All
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They were being considered the highest achievements of ancient literature for their action packed stories that still contain Christian moral virtues like courage, loyalty, and patience. In other locations around the world new countries were popping up out of no where it seemed. This of course caused chaos to their tiny world of peace. Unfortunately the church could no longer provide stability. Harry VIII claimed that the ruler would also be the head of the new Protestant Church. This vicious sever from the Catholic Church was still a healing wound in all the people’s minds, and all this discovery was just like rubbing salt in it.
Chapter 3 – Elizabethan Star Wars: Superstitions and the Supernatural: The Elizabethans were a very superstitious bunch. In fact most of our silly seeming superstitions come from them. All of our superstitions from knocking on wood for good luck to black cats crossing your path being a bad omen. They also believed in everything from ghosts, to magic, to fairies, to the influence of the stars and planets alignment. Many Elizabethan bedsides were haunted from “the terrors of the night”. Back then their ghosts were nothing like the pasty blobs we call ghosts now. Theirs were quite gruesome. Ghostly visitations were claimed to have been very unpleasant. Not only this, but they claimed it cast them into a state of spiritual confusion. And if
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