Essay on Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

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Shakespeare, the man who wrote 37 plays and more than a hundred sonnets, is known throughout the world. Many people consider him one of the best English playwrights of our time, others say that he was a genius. William Shakspere was born in Stratford-upon Avon in 1564 and died in 1616 at the age of 52. In the mid-19th century, questions had arisen about the Shakespeare authorship controversy, and many scholars wondered whether Shakspere, the man from Stratford, wrote the plays. Ralph W. Emerson once said, ?I can not ?marry? Shakspere?s life to Shakespeare?s work? (qtd. in Bethell 48). In many ways, he was right, some things just did not link up. Many people started noticing this thus two opposing sides were formed. Those who believed…show more content…
Others also say that there was little evidence left behind about his childhood and later his career as a playwright and poet in London (Goode 9-10). Many scholars that studied Shakespeare?s plays found evidence that whoever wrote the plays must have been the best educated man of his time with knowledge on horsemanship, biology, falconry, astronomy, law, botany, several languages like Italian, French, and Latin, and many other subjects that a common man without much formal education would not poses (Lardner 7). Furthermore, experts say that whoever wrote Shakespeare?s sonnets seemed to be high-class. In addition, many of the plays included a political element. How did Shakspere get extremely detailed information about Queen Elizabeth?s court when the queen?s inner circle was guarded carefully (Valeo 2). Another reason against Shakspere is that he would have to have been to Italy since many of his plays are set there, but there are no records of his travels. Foreign travel was also expensive and often dangerous back in those days (Valeo 2). Could a glove-maker?s son afford such an expensive trip? Many agree that there was a man from Stratford by the name of Shakspere, but they say that he had nothing to do with the plays. Others say that he lent his name to be used on the 37 plays. Ogburn describes him as ?a small town, avaricious businessman more interested in money than
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