Shakespeare Character Study of Bertram from All's Well that Ends Well

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In William Shakespeare’s play “All's well that ends well” he is one that is hard to understand. He seems like the perfect man, one who is not afraid and holds to his duty, but his actions tell a different story. “All's well that ends well” exhibits how far a woman will go to get the person she loves. As well as what a man would to not be married. This play is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays. Historically it is classified as a comedy, but some classify it as a problem play because of the way it mixes humor and tragedy. Bertram is the young, inexperienced son of a Count. He believes that he is ready for war but the king has other ideas “I am commanded here, and kept a coil with "Too young" and "The next year" and "'Tis too early."”(2.1.27-28). He is impressionable and is influenced by Paroles. He desperately wants to find honor for himself, but he has no idea what true honor is
“Paroles: An thy mind stand to't, boy, steal away bravely.
Bertram: I shall stay here the forehorse to a smock,
Creaking my shoes on the plain masonry
Till honor be bought up and no sword worn
But one to dance with. By heaven, I'll steal away!
Lord: There's honor in the theft
Paroles:Commit it, count.” (2.1.29-34).
When he deserts his wife Helena it reaffirms his stubbornness. Just because he believes she is not his social equal he decides to runaway to war!? “ Oh, my Paroles,…
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